The best Sportswear for your workouts.

The best Sportswear for your workouts.

When heading to the gym for a workout that is going to make you feel like you are making progress on your New Year's resolution to get into the best shape of your life, you'll want to make your experience all the better by using the best sportswear on the market.  We all know that there are two main categories that go into making women's sportswear a total success, so we've got ahead and split them up for your viewing convenience:


  • Sports Bras
  • Leggings


Sports bras

While bras themselves tend to be in the middle in terms of people appreciating their comfort, there's something to be said about sports bras.  A sports bra is supportive, comfortable, moisture wicking and focused on comfort for its wearer.  This allows you to wear them to the gym, out for a jog, around your home, or anywhere else where your comfort is critical.

You'll be able to enjoy our stretchy and comfortable sports bras in a selection of 3 colours.  This helps you to enjoy  them in your own way, too.  The popular khaki green is a fantastic option (and our absolute fave) due to the fact that it looks different under many types of lighting.  From a rich dark green hue to a vibrant energetic light green, it'll help you look your best no matter what.  Regardless of which colour that you choose, we know you'll enjoy our selection as well as our 4 size options to help ensure the right fit.



Leggings are arguably the most comfortable pieces of clothing in the world, and our women's leggings are no exception.  Great for your time at the gym and durability – including breathable mesh behind the knee – as well as guarantee an opaque design to keep you comfortable year round, these leggings are the perfect high-wasted and sturdy option for your gym trip.  You'll also love the choice between 2 colours and 4 sizes that helps you get the perfect experience for you.  The popular khaki green is a wonderful idea due to the fact that it looks different under many types of lighting and will spice up your workout style even further.


It gets better...

If you're loving what you see, prepared to be further impressed for the right reasons.  When you purchase any of our fantastic leggings – come on, how could you resist?  They're that great – you will be able to enjoy a sports bra at Half Price.  Yes, really!  This substantial discount will be automatically applied at the checkout for your convenience.


Your way to a brand new version of yourself with premier style that will keep you going to the gym is waiting for you.  The question that remains, now, is deciding which colour is going to best suit your needs.  From there, you just pick your preferred size and enjoy a discount on an outfit that is going to change your life when you're shopping for quality women's sportswear.